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Street HeArt Africa Project


This section is based on the art painted on the streets, meaning it is not commissioned for a client or paid for by anyone. All the materials used, including spray paint is paid by the artist with their own money.

All the artwork is chosen by the artist themselves and spray painted. No projectors etc. are used to achieve the finished piece. Most of the time the artist has to go through extreme situations when painting, which could by anything from the blazing hea, standing in rubbish, being in an unsafe area etc.

This shows true passion and dedication.

Caps and Cans has two artists and between them, they have over 20 years of experience in art and design. They are passionate in creating art for people and giving back to the community. They are driven and concentrate their efforts on education and upliftment in underprivileged areas. “We use our art as a way to connect people and make them more aware of the spaces they live in and around them.”

In 2015, they started a project called “ Street HeArt Africa”. This project involves traveling frequently to underprivileged areas in South Africa and abroad where they uplift communities by renovating walls which then they paint custom murals on. This is totally for free to these communities. They do this at our own cost and are constantly having to pay for paint supplies, painting tools, transport, accommodation etc. They are constantly looking for sponsors and/ or donations, so these two artists can give more and more back to the communities in South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland. The project started with only painting murals on walls but has now led us to now try get vegetables seeds, compost etc for these communities so they can start growing their own food.

If you have anything to donate or sponsor we would really appreciate it and we are willing to go as far as having professional stencils cut at our own costs with your company logo and info, so that when we have completed each mural, there is your logo showing that you sponsored etc.

We are looking for the following:

PVA Roller Paint / Paint Brushes and Rollers / Drop sheets, dustbin bags / Building materials / Hardware Tools / Food and cold drink hampers / Vegetable seeds, seedlings / Compost, potting soil / Garden tools.

Caps and Cans has been involved in the following projects:

Cape of Good Hope School

In late 2015, Caps and Cans started working with a Dutch foundation called Willen & Doen. This foundation focuses on disadvantaged children and communities in South Africa. Their focus is to fight against AIDS, poverty, drug and alcohol abuse. They offer young people an environment in which they find their own strengths again and develop new opportunities. The foundation is a group of people from Amsterdam that volunteer and get sponsors and people from around the world to help projects they create. 95% of the funds they get are used for these projects.

“The School of Good Hope” project start in 2014 where a complete new pre-primary school was built for the community near Coffeebay - Transkei by this foundation. They contacted Caps and Cans and asked if it would be possible to travel down to Mdumbi and maybe volunteer to paint the bare cement school walls.

Caps and Cans in October 2015 sponsored all the pva and spray paint for the school and even went as far as the artists travelling down on their own expense to prime all the walls as well as do custom murals that would be appropriate to pre-school children.

Both artists from Caps and Cans were present when the community had a huge celebration on the opening of the school.

Rosettenville Primary School

Caps and Cans teamed up with the Department of Health Joburg and started to help clean up the “South” – Rosettenville Johannesburg.  An event was organised at Rosettenville Primary School where graffiti/ street artists were allowed to come and show their talent on the school walls. The outside walls of the school on Main and Petunia Street had deteriorated drastically, where the weeds had overgrown and illegal pasted stickers were seen. Volunteers helped clean up as well as pva paint that was sponsored by Libra Paints, was used on the walls beforehand to make it a clean working surface for the artists.

It was a very successful day and around 30 artists participated at the event. A total of 267 meters of wall was filled and the department of Health has found an improvement of the care of the street were these murals are present.

Mpaka Refugee Camp - Swaziland

Mpaka Refugee camp was originally established as a small transfer where people would be kept for a little while before they were given paperwork to leave the country. Today this is a much larger operation where there are many new refugees pouring in from around the continent.

When we arrived, we were immediately greeted by many children and wanting to play with us. When they were told by the adults that we were there to paint a picture on the wall, the children gathered around in a circle and sat down to watch. All the walls at the camp are bare and dirty. Bringing colour to these children has definitely helped.

Artist Scott and Natalie out of their own pockets traveled to Swaziland and specifically went to the camp on 20th June for Refugee Day to create a wall of colour for the children.

Kitty and Puppy Haven

Kitty and Puppy Haven is a pro-life sanctuary started in 2000 with the sole purpose of rescuing neglected, abused and abandoned animals. Most of their cases originate from veterinary practices, low income areas, other welfare organizations (that work in townships and squatter-camps) or from emergency rescues. While animal rescue and rehabilitation is a priority, educating people on correct animal care is critical.

We will not euthanase any animals if they can be healed and have a healthy, pain free, happy life. As most animals come from disadvantaged backgrounds, many require extensive veterinary care. Every animal also receives standard health care – vaccinations, de-worming, flea control and sterilisation. Our monthly veterinary bills average R40,000 - R50,000 per month.

The artists from Caps and Cans spent a day in the puppy play area transforming old drums into works of art to giving it a fresh, colourful look.

Kwamiya Primary School

This rural primary school in Emazizini – Drakensberg was in desperate need of some renovations especially the toilet area. We were driving around the area after a mural job in Bergville and found this school. After meeting with the principal, she was very grateful that we were wanting to liven up the facilities with some colour.

3 hours later a whole new look was achieved and the scholars were so excited that they wanted their picture taken in front of the wall.

Spaza Shops

While travelling up the South African coast, Caps and Cans artists found many café / rural shops that were very neglected due to not having the funds to renovate the buildings.

From painting these few spaza shops, it has led to more and more shop owners interested in wanting artwork on their shop front.

Smoking Dragon Workshop

The Smoking Dragon festival takes place every year in a remote part of the Northern Drakensberg. There is little opportunity for people to pursue a career in much else besides agriculture and the hospitality industry.

When the festival takes place, a large number of people from within the arts and entertainment sector visits the area. Smoking Dragon takes full advantage of this by arranging community workshops at Amphitheatre Backpackers where the people are put in touch with urban professionals.

The workshops are completely free and the people running them are doing it as a token of their love and commitment to their society. Caps and Cans has been part of these workshops since 2013 where Caps and Cans Artists teach the local community how to spray-paint as well as educate them on graffiti etc.

Back To The City

Every year on the 27th May – Freedom Day, a youth festival takes place called “Back to the City”. It happens outside Ritual Store Newtown, Johannesburg featuring artists who represent the pinnacle of artistic expression in South Africa. This unique youth event has grown into the largest public display of both commercial and underground hip hop in South Africa, presenting a day of live music, street art, break-dancing, art installation, skateboarding, film, street fashion, gaming, speakers and panel discussions.

From the daytime events to the night performances, this is one time that the inner city comes alive with true freedom of expression providing a destination for hip hop fans, artists and industry related individuals to converge and celebrate the experience of hop-hop and street culture. Live performances and dj’s entertain throughout the day while graffiti artists utilise the surrounding street walls as their canvases, creating colourful masterpieces in the city.

Caps and Cans has been part of this event since 2012 where each group of artists are given one side of the column that is underneath the highway. They have a day to paint to the theme they are given. It stays up for exactly one year which creates a tourist attraction throughout that year.

Westdene Project

The Westdene Graffiti Project is a community mural initiative within the suburb of Westdene, Johannesburg. Spawning from Clint Hill’s idea to art up the area, various residents have donated their walls to bidding graffiti artists through the “I love Westdene” Facebook group, and with the help of infamous Jozi graffiti photographer, Derek Smith, who lives in the area.

A Facebook group for the Westdene graffiti project was created on the 5th of July 2015 and the first wall was painted on the 16th. By mid-September, sixteen walls have been finished with many others in the pipeline.

Caps and Cans had four artists involved which out of their own pocket created a music themed wall. It took approx. 5 days to complete due to the existing wall being in very bad condition.

 Heritage Day

"Heritage Day" is a South African public holiday that is celebrated on 24 September of every year. On this day, South Africans across the spectrum are encouraged to celebrate their culture and the diversity of their beliefs and traditions, in the wider context of a nation that belongs to all its people.

Various events are staged throughout the country to commemorate this. Caps and Cans every year goes to a township that is needing murals. It is usually combined with an event, where artists from around South Africa are invited to paint how they interpret “Heritage Day”. The last two years we have had the event in Vosloorus where there is music, poetry, graffiti etc.

JHB South Clean-up

Caps and Cans has now started to help clean up the “South of JHB” which includes areas such as Turffontein, Rosettenville etc.  We noticed that every time we would paint on the streets, that we would be asked if we have old clothes, furniture etc.

One particular man who asked for seeds for his garden so he can grow vegetables to eat, made us realise that even though we were transforming old, neglected buildings into works of art, that we could give back more to communities in need of help.

We have started bringing seeds, potting soil, compost etc. to those that ask when we go and paint on the streets and we have noticed that once again by us doing this, the community have started to clean up the areas around them and taking pride in what little they have.

Yo-TV Live

Caps and Cans had an opportunity to be show cased this year on Yo-TV Live. Artists Scott and Natalie were interviewed and they were able to share the project they created called “Street HeArt Africa”. Scholars interested in graffiti were taught live by the artists the different techniques etc in spray painting.

South Hills Clean-up

From seeing how we cleaned up Rossettenville- Johannesburg, other communities have come forward and are asking for our help. An event was organised in the South Hills Housing projects were graffiti/ street artists were allowed to come and show their talent on the surrounding community walls. A lot of volunteers that live in that area got together with us to clean up as well as help prime large section of walls. It was a very successful weekend and around 20 artists participated at the event.