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Premium Transparent Spraypaint 400ml

PRICE:    R 40.00 R 70.00
ITEM #:   327300
  • 400 ml – 6 colours including clear coatings
  • •Original Flow master valve system
  • Even and constant output
  • DDouble Function Cap
  • Low-pressure adjustment for clean lines and accurate applications
  • 4 times ground pigments
  • Highly UV-resistant & light fast
  • Nitro-alcyd compound (quick-drying, best adhesion)
Transparent Clear Matt Coat 327313
Transparent Clear Gloss Coat 327314 sold out

Complementary to the regular colors of the MOLOTOW™ PREMIUM range, the transparent cans open up an infinite color-spectrum for artists. Even the most difficult color shadings and the trickiest gradients can finally be realized easily – great to add depth and brilliance to your pieces! With these cans MOLOTOW™ offers outstanding colors, great UV-resistance, low-pressure adjustment for exact lines due to the Flowmaster™ spray-valve and a versatility of use that make them the most advanced tools for artists. Needles to say that the transparent cans maintain the same quality-features that made the PREMIUM™ range famous, including 4 times ground pigments and the unique nitro-alkyd compound which is based on the patented MOLOTOW™ technology - produced by Belton.

Transparent Telemagenta
Transparent Current
Transparent Juice Green
Transparent Milk Coffee
Transparent Clear Matt Coat
Transparent Clear Gloss Coat
Transparent Lagoon Blue
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