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One4all 127HS 2mm Marker

PRICE:    R 75.00 R 110.00
ITEM #:   127200
  • Acrylic-based
  • Semi-gloss
  • Highly opaque
  • Permanent
  • Good UV resistance1
  • Quick-drying
  • Non-toxic
  • Dilutable with water or acetone (1 - 3 %)
  • For nearly all surfaces
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • 50 color shades
  • Consistent paint flow due to FLOWMASTER™ valve
  • Refillable – min. 50 times
  • Exchangeable tips
  • Mixable 
  • Perfectly suitable for airbrush
  • Made in Germany
  • Filling quantity: ca. 4 - 33 ml
Zinc Yellow 127201 sold out
Traffic Red 127202 sold out
Dare Orange 127203 sold out
Burgendy 127204 sold out
Shock Blue Middle 127205 sold out
True Blue 127206 sold out
Current 127207
Pink 127208 sold out
Mister Green 127209
Hazelnut Brown 127210
Signal White 127211 sold out
Signal Black 127212 sold out
Vanilla Pastel 127213
Peach Pastel 127214
Lago Blue Pastel 127215 sold out
Lilac Pastel 127216 sold out
Ceramic Light Pastel 127217 sold out
Cool Grey Pastel 127218 sold out
Petrol 127219 sold out
Violet Dark 127220 sold out
Lagoon Blue 127221 sold out
Future Green 127222 sold out
Amazonas Light 127223
Lobster 127224 sold out
Ocher Brown Light 127225 sold out
Sahara Beige Pastel 127226 sold out
Skin Pastel 127227 sold out
Blue Violet Pastel 127228 sold out
Neon Yellow Flourescent 127229
Neon Orange Flourescent 127230
Neon Pink Flourescent 127231 sold out
Neon Green Flourescent 127232
Grasshopper 127233 sold out
Kaca077 Universes Green 127234 sold out
Nature White 127235 sold out
Shock Blue 127236 sold out
Fushia Pink 127237
Magenta 127238
Purple Violet 127239
Calypso Middle 127240
Turquoise 127241 sold out
Poison Green 127242
Grey Blue Light 127243 sold out
Grey Blue Dark 127244 sold out
Metallic Black 127301 sold out
Metallic Blue 127302
Metallic Pink 127303
Metallic Green 127304
Metallic Silver 127305 sold out
Metallic Gold 127306 sold out

The acylic-based 127HS already is a classic amongst pump-markers – equipped with an easily exchangeable 2 mm tip (downgradable to 1 mm and 1,5 mm) and available in 50 brilliant colors.

A special technical gimmick is the patented capillary system that guarantees an even and controlled dye distribution. Together with the Flowmaster™ pump-valve, that provides a controlled paint-flow, these markers show the best writing performance on nearly every surface. The mixing balls inside the markers make sure that the highly concentrated pigments are evenly distributed within the paint for optimal writing results. Therefore it is recommended to shake your marker well before use. All markers are refillable – ONE4ALL™ refills are available in 44 colors and three sizes: 180 ml, 30 ml bottle or 5 x 10 ml Striptubes.

The highly pigmented, acrylic-based hybrid-paint is easily mixable with other ONE4ALL™ colors (for individual shading), it can be diluted with water (for translucent effects) or with acetone (for permanency on fatty surfaces). It works on nearly every surface (check surface first), is silk-matt, quick-drying, has an incredible opacity. This markers have perfect sketching characteristics

Zinc Yellow
Traffic Red
Dare Orange
Shock Blue Middle
True Blue
Mister Green
Hazelnut Brown
Signal White
Signal Black
Vanilla Pastel
Peach Pastel
Lago Blue Pastel
Lilac Pastel
Ceramic Light Pastel
Cool Grey Pastel
Violet Dark
Lagoon Blue
Future Green
Amazonas Light
Ocher Brown Light
Sahara Beige Pastel
Skin Pastel
Blue Violet Pastel
Neon Yellow Flourescent
Neon Orange Flourescent
Neon Pink Flourescent
Neon Green Flourescent
Kaca077 Universes Green
Nature White
Shock Blue
Fushia Pink
Purple Violet
Calypso Middle
Poison Green
Grey Blue Light
Grey Blue Dark
Metallic Black
Metallic Blue
Metallic Pink
Metallic Green
Metallic Silver
Metallic Gold
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