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Nightrocker Phosphor 400ml Spraypaint

PRICE:    R 150.00 R 200.00
ITEM #:   970420
  • 400 ml – 3 colours
  • Original FlowmasterTM valve system
  • High output
  • Phosphor pigment color with after-glow effect
  • Indoor + outdoor
Phosphor Orange 970426 sold out
Phosphor Blue 970427 sold out
Phosphor Green 970425 sold out

MOLOTOW™ PHOSPHOR spray paint with light-storing pigments glows green in darkness. Moreover, the paint is visible as pastel color in green, orange or blue by daylight.
Thanks to a female valve, all MOLOTOW™ caps can be used with the PHOSPHOR spray can. With the easy "Cap Off" function you are able to open the can in a breath.
The spray is used for marking and effect applications, as well as for special paints. 

Phosphor Blue
Phosphor Green
Phosphor Orange
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