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Masterpiece Speedflow 367PI 4-8mm Marker - Black

PRICE:    R 55.00 R 120.00
ITEM #:   367000
  • Available with 4-8 mm chisel-tip,
  • Exchangeable with 5 mm round-tip
  • Alcohol-based chemical black
  • Flowmaster™ pump valve
  • Patented capillary technology
  • Refillable with all MOLOTOWTM refills
  • Quick drying, viscoplastic coating with copper shine
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Highly covering & UV-resistant
  • 100% Speedflow
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The MASTERPIECE 367PI Speedflow is the pocket-sized MASTERPIECE marker with the patented Flowmaster™ pump-valve and the patented capillary technique that ensures a constant ink flow. The little one with the exchangeable 4-8 mm Chisel-Tip is just as action-packed as his big brother with the 60 mm Highflow-Tip.

The 367PI is filled with alcohol-based Speedflow black. The black cocktail Speedflow ink on nitrogen-based paint has a visco-plastic coating with a light copper shimmer (chemical black). It is highly opaque, UV- and weather-resistant, fast drying, abrasion resistant and suitable for both indoor- and outdoor-use. Of course, it's refillable very easy with all of our inks and paints. But the best results you´ll get with the alcohol-based CoversAll and Speedflow refill cocktails.

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