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223EM 2mm Brush Empty Marker

PRICE:    R 75.00 R 180.00
ITEM #:   211012
  • 2mm
  • Soft brush pump marker
  • Exchangeable, soft-edged brush (1 mm Brush-Tip)
  • REM Technology
  • Easily refillable
  • Minimum of 50 times
  • Compatible with nearly all inks
  • Perfectly suitable for mixing and storing own color shades
  • A consistent paint flow due to the FLOWMASTER™ valve
  • The tips are exchangeable and ensure endless flexibility
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World’s first soft brush pump marker with unique patented pumping system and capillary technology. With its exchangeable, soft-edged brush (2 mm Brush-Tip) and refill system this brand new MOLOTOW™ marker guarantees the highest performance. A real MUST HAVE for any artist. Dilute paint and ink before filling up your CALLIGRAFX™ marker.

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